I’m Saransh and I work as a Program Manager at Oracle on marketing cloud applications that help marketers use data to create irresistible connected experiences. Previously, I worked at EY Ireland’s Assurance practice after completing my masters in Computer Science from University College Dublin. I also hold a bachelor in Computer Science from SRM University.

I love most things Data Science, Program and Product Management, Design Thinking. I’m also excited about the role that technology shapes today’s Financial world (aka. FinTech).

When I’m not coding or thinking of how to create a better customer experience, I’m discovering wisdom on Quora, writing life experiences on my blog, reading a book on my kindle (find me on GoodReads), translate the BeMyEyes app to Hindi or trying my hands on some vegetarian cooking. I served as Vice President Public Relations at Lexicon Toastmasters Club. I’m also interested in learning new languages (both Human and Computer) and wish to speak fluent French one day!

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. Neil Gaiman