Photo by Jenny Paige on Unsplash

Many people had an impact on my life and the approach towards it. The chief of them is our parents. My mum has always been a source of motivation for me. She has been through my thick and thin even when I was 8000 kilometres away from home (thanks to VoIP/ Skype, that let me learn how to cook). Here are five key things that my mum taught me:

1. Never give up! My mum told me to never look back and regret the things that happened. For her, everything happens for a reason and destined to teach us a lesson. When I was (almost) broke, she told me to hang on and keep going. This positive attitude helped me to grow as a better person and learn from my mistakes.

2. Stay humble and be kind. I have never been famous, nor see anything coming (soon) in future. But my mum always told me to keep grounded, no matter how rich and successful you are in your life. She taught me to put people first. I had two elder siblings- and she always kept three of us working hard. This incredibly helped me to build a healthy attitude and work- ethic.

3. Everything is written. My mum always told to be kind to others and watch for the signs from the universe. The universe is always showing us the little signs to help us in our journey to keep us on the right path. I did not believe in this belief until I encountered myself at the crossroads and I’m proud to have made the right decision, no matter how much I lost in the past (point 1).

4. Listen to your heart. There were times in my life when I had to make a tough decision and there has always been a desire to experience particular things in life. My mum always told me to listen to the call of the heart and block the second thoughts. Surprisingly, most of the decisions were made by listening to the inner ‘me’ and they have been the best and most logical parts of my life.

5. Do not forget the purpose of life. My mum has always been a generous and self- less woman. She taught me that the goal of life isn’t short term- a day, a month or a year; but rather is our reason for existence. No matter how many mistakes I made, I always learnt a lesson and found out the ways that won’t work. In this journey, I always tried to work in harmony with mankind and that is how we grow, and how we evolve.

Me and my Mum (circa 1993) in Nainital, Uttarakhand.

I don’t know why I didn’t find a single recent picture of just me and my mum. I tried searching through the face detection tool on my Mac, used different tools available on Cloud and manually went through 4.3 GB of photos! Possibly, she didn’t like her picture taken a lot and I’ve been away from home since 2010 and just visit her during holidays when she just keeps herself busy preparing my favourite food. So, the next time I’m home, I’m going to have a picture taken with her!

Happy Mothers Day, Mum ❤️

Your little helper!